A combination of high quality, light green frantoio variety olives and fertile Istrian soil makes up a harmonious monovarietal olive oil with a rounded scent and flavour.  Laković Frantoio is a robust oil with an intense piquancy, a pleasant fruity taste with deep aromas of freshly cut grass and green almonds.  It is highly recommended with beef steak, wild game, aged cheeses and meals with truffles.


You can find the native variety of olives, bianchera (Istrian white) in the olive groves of the Laković family which provide all the benefits of Istrian tradition and quality.  The large, green olives of this variety yield a golden-green olive oil with a distinct scent reminiscent of freshly picked olives. This oil is very harmonious, with balanced bitterness and intense piquancy. Aged cheeses, Istrian frittatas with asparagus, barbecued meat and chocolate desserts (e.g. chocolate mousse) are some meals that go together perfectly with Laković Bianchera.


The monovarietal extra virgin olive oil leccino is obtained from an Italian olive variety which matures during mid October and is one of the most common varieties in our area.  The olives yield oils with a recognisable green colour, a harmonious taste with a slight note of bitterness and piquancy and a rounded scent that is reminiscent of freshly cut grass.  Laković Leccino perfectly matches light salads, fresh cheeses, meals made with white meat or fish and vanilla ice cream.


The carefully picked native Istrian varieties: bianchera, buža and rosinjola, are blended in the selection Laković Premium (Limited edition). This unique extra virgin olive oil, obtained from the highest quality handpicked olives, imparts a perfect combination of centuries of Istrian tradition and modern technology and production.  With an intense fruity flavour and scent, a golden-green colour and a balance between bitterness and piquancy, this prestige selection will delight and please the most demanding connoisseurs of liquid „green gold“.  It goes perfectly with fish and seafood, cheese curd, veal and other specialties.   Turn the cap and indulge in a magical fairytale!


Our story began in 2005 with the idea of planting 30 olive trees so that we could produce enough olive oil for our own needs.   However, in planting those first trees we began to become more familiar with this noble tree and slowly a deep love and passion for olives began which we still feel today.   Our new hobby quickly became a family business and in 2008 we established Laković Family Farm and, thanks to our efforts and enthusiasm, each year we are expanding and growing ever more rapidly.

During 2011, we cleared abandoned vineyards and agricultural land and turned them into olive groves.  Nowadays, the Istrian sun and the fertile red soils nourish around 700 olive trees, the varieties of which are carefully chosen.

The Laković family olive groves are situated on the sunny slopes near Vižinada at a height of 270 meters above sea level.  The entire Laković family pay special attention and are dedicated in making Laković olive oils of the utmost level of quality.

There are monovarieties of olive oil that we can offer olive oil connoisseurs: Leccino, Bianchera (Istrian white) and Frantoio, while for the most demanding tastes we have Laković Premium made from native olive varieties: Bianchere, Buža and Rosinjol.

Each autumn our olive trees reward us with their high quality and healthy olives, while the satisfaction and the constant return of our customers motivate us to continue to persevere in creating this unique food product.

Guided by enthusiasm, we have devoted time and attention to high-quality production, as can be affirmed through numerous awards and accolades at various festivals and events.


Native varieties, hard work and constant improvement, timely harvesting, quick processing and careful storage of the oils are factors that ensure the high quality and originality of Laković extra virgin olive oils.


“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”
Attention to detail, focusing on perfection and refined packaging design are at the core of the Laković family business philosophy.


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